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Our products

Only StriVectin formulas have our patented, clinically-proven NIA-114 molecule, discovered in skin cancer research to rebuild the skin barrier. NIA-114 powers up skin to help repair damage and fight off all visible signs of aging for a youthful look and feel.

To target specific skin-aging concerns, we combine our NIA-114 molecule with proven, technologically advanced age-fighting actives. So whether it’s wrinkles, loss of firmness, skin damage or age spots, StriVectin’s supercharged formulas add up to healthy, ageless skin.

StriVectin fights off all visible signs of aging.

Yes, you can change the course of how your skin ages with StriVectin. Whether it’s wrinkles, loss of firmness, skin damage, age spots or a complexion in need of brightening, StriVectin delivers.

Each collection addresses specific skin-aging concerns.


Are your products tested on animals?
No. StriVectin does not and will not test on animals.

Do your products contain parabens?
No. StriVectin products are Paraben-free.

How soon can I expect to see results?
Many of our products produce short-term visible improvements within minutes. Over our clinically tested timeline of 2, 4 and 8 weeks, more dramatic, long-term improvements will also occur. For most, a noticeable improvement will be seen in approximately 2-4 weeks.

How long do the products last?
If following application instructions, our products typically last 2-6 months, depending on the item. We recommend using our products within the recommended period after opening, which is indicated on each tube.

How do I know which StriVectin products are right for my skin?
Select the appropriate StriVectin product based on your greatest skin care needs. In other words, consider what about your skin you’d most like to improve. We have solutions for wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, uneven skin tone and discolorations. We also welcome you to call one of our trained Customer Service Center at 1-800-430-0227.

What is NIA-114™?
NIA-114 is a patented form of Vitamin B3 that enables optimal delivery of the molecule into the skin. Once absorbed, NIA-114 stimulates natural repair processes within skin cells (such as DNA repair, energy metabolism and cell turnover) to ultimately generate healthier skin cells and build a stronger skin barrier. The results are visible improvements in skin texture, tone, firmness and reduced discoloration.

How long will it take for the first blush to subside?
A flush will not last more than 1-2 hours after applying the product. It presents quickly (within 15 minutes) and dissipates quickly. To reduce the effect, apply a cold compress to the skin. Remember, this is a positive sign that NIA-114 is penetrating the skin and yielding beneficial rebuilding and repairing effects.

If I stop using the products, will it reverse the improvements in my skin?
No. Improvements made within your skin will remain due to the repairing and rebuilding that has occurred. However, natural decline in healthy skin will still occur so it is best to continue use to maintain results.

Can I use StriVectin products with other skin care products?
Yes. StriVectin is a problem-solution skin treatment brand intended to be used with other products and as part of a complete regimen. There are no contraindications for using StriVectin with other skin care brands.

Can you use StriVectin products and still tan or use self-tanning products?
Yes. The technology in StriVectin will not interfere with the efficacy of tanning or tanning products.

Can you go out in the sun after using StriVectin?
Yes, the ingredients within the StriVectin products do not increase photosensitivity; therefore, sun exposure after using these products is fine. To avoid additional damage to the skin, always use smart sun safety tips and sunscreen at all times.

Can you use StriVectin if you have rosacea?
Yes. However, due to sensitivity of individuals with rosacea, we recommend a test patch of the products on the neck or jaw line. Flushing is a natural side effect of NIA-114 due to increased blood flow to the skin. It’s an indication that NIA-114 is working and is not worsening the rosacea condition. In fact, because NIA-114 builds the skin barrier, it can help to reduce the flare-ups caused by rosacea over time.

Can all skin types and colors use StriVectin?
Yes, StriVectin products are for all skin types as well as all colors of skin.

Can you use StriVectin if you have acne?
We do not advise applying any StriVectin skin care product to open acne lesions. In addition, to be safe, apply a patch test prior to using any of the StriVectin products on the entire face.

Can you use StriVectin before or after a treatment (e.g. chemical peel)?
Yes, begin product usage at least 2 weeks before treatment and if one hasn’t begun the products beforehand, refrain from introducing a new product to the skin for 2 weeks after treatment.

Are the products safe to use when pregnant or nursing?
While there are no contraindications for use, it is recommended to consult your physician prior to use.

If your doctor advises you to avoid Vitamin B3 (Niacin), can you still use the products?
For individuals with Vitamin B3 (Niacin) allergies or those on prescription drugs for which it is not recommended, it is best to consult your physician prior to using the new StriVectin products.

What is the shelf-life of the products and can you extend it with refrigeration?
Shelf-life of all StriVectin products is 3 years, except for Age Protect Sunscreen which is 2 years. The Period After Opening (PAO) is also listed on each package and ranges from 18-24 months. With exception of TL 360 Tightening Eye Serum, we do not recommend placing products in the refrigerator.

Does StriVectin offer a guarantee on its products?
StriVectin stands behind its products with a 100% guarantee. Consult retailer for return policy details.

Why is there a medicinal scent to some of the products in your line?
StriVectin products are formulated with the highest quality ingredients, some having natural medicinal scents. We are committed to formulation integrity and maximum effectiveness which means that sometimes the scents cannot be masked, but should dissipate after application.

What are the preservatives used in StriVectin-SD & StriVectin-SD Sensitive if it is paraben-free?
Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, Sorbic Acid, Benzoic Acid, Pentylene Glycol, Caprylyl Glycol,Ethylhexylglycerin.

What product would you recommend for general anti-aging concerns?
StriVectin-AR Advanced Retinol Night Treatment containing NIA-114 and retinol is ideal for addressing multiple signs of aging such as wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven texture and tone.

Which eye treatment is best for me?
StriVectin offers multiple eye treatments for your most common eye area concerns. To determine which is best for you, below is a list of the principal problems addressed by each: SD Eye Concentrate helps with fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, and puffiness; TL 360 Eye Serum helps with loss of firmness, droopy eyelids; EV Dark Circle Corrector helps with dark circles and uneven skin tone.

What is the best StriVectin product for prevention and keeping signs of aging at bay?
StriVectin-SD and SD Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles are both great options for promoting skin health and maintaining a youthful appearance. Both products contain a host of ingredients such as NIA-114, peptides, botanicals and antioxidants that work with your skin cells to promote healthy skin functioning and fight against causes of visible aging.