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Super Shrink Pore Minimizing Serum

Minimize the look of pores and blackheads in just 3 days+

Size: 1 oz
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100% showed improvement in the appearance of blackheads*

*Based on expert grading after 4 weeks when used as directed.

95% reported skin looked less oily**

**Based on consumer questionnaire after 4 weeks when used as directed.

95% reported skin appeared balanced**

**Based on consumer questionnaire after 4 weeks when used as directed.

The Next Big Thing for Smaller-Looking Pores

We know you can’t shrink pores, but you can make them appear smaller. In just 3 days, visibly minimize pores & blackheads+ with this multi-action serum. Powered by a natural form of Salicylic Acid plus enzymes that work in three ways to clarify dead skin buildup and unclog pores, visibly tighten the pore lining for improved skin texture, and control excess oil without leaving skin feeling dry or tight.

Clinically Proven in Just 3 Days+

  • Reduce shine and excess oiliness
  • Improve appearance of blackheads and pores
  • Improve skin texture and smoothness

+Based on expert grading on 42 subjects, when used as directed.

Betaine Salicylate (Beta Hydroxy Acid)

Natural form of Salicylic Acid derived from sugar beets that dissolves oil, decongests clogged pores, and helps to eliminate blackheads while calming skin

Clarifying Enzymes

Enzymatic proteins help to clarify pores by visibly reducing excess surface oil

Red Clover Extract

Helps rebalance skin and visibly tighten the pore lining to reduce the look of stretched pores caused by aging and oily skin

Results when used as directed. <p>Individual results will vary.


Proven Results

Unretouched Photos

Results when used as directed.

Individual results will vary.


Take a Multi-Action Approach

This lightweight, mattifying serum targets the core pore culprits to clarify, visibly tighten, and control oil production, improving the look of: 

  •  Clogged & enlarged pores
  •  Blackheads
  •  Oiliness
  •  Uneven skin tone & texture


Step by Step Instructions

Apply 3 to 5 drops or enough to cover entire face in the morning and evening.


Pore Performance

Skin concerns around pores often begin in youth, but can often affect people throughout their life. In adolescence, hormones drive the skin to produce more oil, resulting in buildup that clogs pores. Dead skin cells can also get trapped and turn to blackheads. Then over time as we age, collagen in the skin breaks down, causing a loss of elasticity. This weakens the pore lining and stretches pores for an enlarged look. This super serum addresses all of these concerns.